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Long Island, NY Tenant / Landlord Attorney
     George E. Patsis, is a law firm dedicated to the specialized practice of Landlord/Tenant Law. We have built a team of attorneys fully versed and experienced in the area of Landlord/Tenant Law. The cumulative experience of this outstanding group of attorneys allows George E. Patsis to offer their clients a comprehensive approach to the practice of Landlord/Tenant law unlike that of any other firm. George E. Patsis has 2 decades of trial experience in matters concerning the landlord-tenant relationship including:
Nonpayment Proceedings
Post-Foreclosure Eviction Matters
Village, County or Town Ordinance violations
Housing Preservation and Development matters
Discrimination matters
Squatters cases
Over Crowding Issues
Termination Notices
Notices to Cure
Division of Housing & Community Renewal Matters (DHCR)
     New York’s Landlord/Tenant laws are amongst the most complex and detailed in the nation. If you are a landlord or tenant and are involved in any of the above issues, then you should consult with a qualified landlord-tenant attorney. If you are a landlord trying to evict a tenant or to get your rent paid or are experiencing other difficulties with your tenant, you should call George E. Patsis to help you affirm your legal rights.
George E. Patsis, you are always kept informed
     With Patsis Law you always know the status of the transaction. Clients will receive updates on either a daily, or on an as-needed bas Phone calls to our office are returned promptly, so that communication is continuous. Our method of communication will be tailored to meet your specific needs, and is reviewed and adapted on a regular basis to meet your changing environment.
Our office is familiar with the local laws that are specific to each County. Our attorneys are in court daily in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Kings Counties.
(631) 255-4601
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