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Long Island, NY Mediation Separation Attorney
     Divorce Mediation & Family Services of Patsis Law Long Island, NY provides divorce mediation services in New York, particularly on Long Island in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our firm consists of Long Island divorce attorneys and trained divorce mediators who meet with the couple to determine their needs, and if there are children, the best interests of the children. The divorce attorney you meet with will provide counsel to the couple to help assess the next steps to take for a successful resolution. Our aim is to help you achieve a divorce that serves the best interests of all parties involved. Together, an agreement is reached which is mutually acceptable and advantageous to all parties.
     Marital & Family Mediation On Long Island
     As your trusted family attorney and mediator, we will help you to resolve the all issues involved in the separation and divorce process. Patsis Law will also mediate all types of family disputes. By providing both child custody mediation and family mediation, we are able to offer comprehensive services that address the marital concerns and familial obligations that are affected during the divorce process. At the same time, our divorce mediators will help you to avoid the emotional strife of the Court system while reducing the expense associated with a litigated divorce. We also provide mediation to families post-divorce to settle all types of family disputes.
     Our divorce mediation services are provided in an informal setting and allow for the couple to make their own decisions about their future. We provide ongoing support as you transition from one stage of your life to another and if the need arises, we refer our clients to Long Island divorce attorneys such as an elder law attorney, marital therapists, child therapists, accountants and financial planners.
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