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Long Island, NY Workers Compensation Attorney
     Patsis Law has been helping Long Island workplace injury victims for over 2 decades. If you were hurt at work and need medical procedures, occupational therapy or vocational rehabilitation because you’re disabled due to a job injury and can’t go back to work, we’re the legal team you need. You may be struggling with a debilitating work-related illness or were injured in a catastrophic construction site accident, hospital worker contaminated needle stick or stress-related workplace heart attack.
     Our national reputation as diligent workers compensation attorneys who never back down is accurate. We’ve been winning major workers compensation claim settlements for over eight decades, and we will help you too. If you were injured in a job accident injury or contracted one of the many long-term workplace illnesses or occupational diseases New Yorkers often develop after years on the job—such as silicosis, asbestosis and mesothelioma, work-related cancer or job knee injury—we will fight for the compensation you deserve.
As long-established Long Island work injury attorneys, we are often up against aggressive insurance adjusters who try to push low-ball settlements on our clients. But we know there’s a much higher number they’re willing to name rather than face us in court. We help civil service disability pension applicants, as well, such as NY transit workers, law enforcement and sanitation employees, and injured union members can count on our fierce legal services too.
     Call a Forceful Long Island, New York Workers Compensation Attorney Today
Don’t take on a Long Island workers compensation case by yourself. If you were injured, let the powerful personal injury attorneys at the Patsis Law will help you recover the compensation that is rightfully yours.
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