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Long Island, Zoning & Permit Applications Attorney
     Government agencies that regulate the use of land and buildings help organize the development of various projects and assist in ensuring that those projects are built in a safe manner for individuals and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, the complex regulations can often lead to zoning grants and permits being delayed or denied in the development of new real estate projects.

     The Long Island zoning grants and permits attorneys at Patsis Law have worked with countless clients in complex zoning regulations and litigation matters throughout Long Island and the New York metropolitan area. They help contractors, developers, investors and other key stakeholders in residential and commercial real estate projects obtain efficient results related to:
  • Permits for construction, demolition, conditional use and general building
  • Zoning variances and rezoning
  • Nonconforming use
  • Easements and right of ways for utilities and roadwork
  • Condemnation and dangerous properties
  • Special use permits
  • Boundary line issues
  • Environmental considerations
     A building project may require expansion into an adjoining property to gain more seating for a restaurant space, more parking or other real property and land use needs. Patsis Law not only takes on matters of litigation with confidence, but also brings skill in negotiation to the table when appearing before local municipal boards. Expeditious, reliable results are a top priority for the firm, as they greatly contribute to helping clients move forward with projects and see a swift return on investment.
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